Birth Energetics

Birth Energetics is a philosophy and a system that I created to offer a unique emotional support service to mums, dads and professional birth workers in stress and in redress of symptoms, such as residual anxiety, arising from little 't' or Big 'T' birth trauma. Rather than cope alone, lift the phone, and let teamwork be the solution.


Pregnancy pressures vary from coping with a changing body, anxiety about birth, responding to crises at work or in the family, or finding it hard to fit into the medical model of birth in our community.


One common stress trigger is birth trauma from a previous pregnancy. This may have been dealt with 'headwise', but more may need to be done to clear persistent stress symptoms.


Another common stress factor comes from not knowing what to expect. Not that I can tell you what will happen, but so often women just need to talk about their own birth, previous births, conception, beliefs and limitations they fear will stand in the way of cooperation between mind and body. What every woman needs is to discover ways of cooperating with her body.  I specialise in 38-42 week mum support, nearly always by phone/skype, so you can Zumba  (metaphorically speaking) into the Birth Zone! It isn't about where you intend to birth: it's how you respond to nature's work in a lovely way.




Mothers of colicky babies often find their way to Birth Energetics. Every mum, every baby is different. So is every session. Baby sessions merit baby fees, so no need to worry about the cost.


Birth Professionals

It is possible to feel stressed from long hours, and when you are passionate about your work, time and energy balance are so important. Way2GoBirthing helps you rest and relax, and offers therapy for secondary birth trauma.


Beyond Birth

You become a family the minute baby is born and you become an even bigger family when the next baby has arrived. Birth Energetics understands transition - not to be ignored, hastened or overlooked. Rather it is to be embraced. It is a time for each person to bring their strengths to the new needs of the moment. When you're both tired it's easy to forget the good things.


Life Energetics system, which is a system I founded after 20 years in private, ethical and professional practice is a process for connecting with you. We are equal in this dynamic contract of helper/helpee: we are just different. It is classical as well as modern - therapy and tips and techniques from a vast range to suit your hopes, dreams and wishes. Life Energetics respects all births, all parents, all babies.

“Two sessions with Julie-Anne at 36w/38w helped prepare me mentally for the birth.


My sister wants to see her, too, before the twin's c-section.”

Ami, Bangor

© 2015 by Julie-Anne Mullan. 

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