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Alternatives for Health - my motto!

Always tell your GP if you are about to embark on a search for alternatives for health.

They, and I have had recent difficult experience, usuallydont know much about herbs, supplements, modalities such as are familiar to me, and can't really give advice on interactions, or potential hazards. Your GP can't test to say if you are clear of .... if you haven't undergone his (medical) protocols. That sounds a bit ridiculous when we know how much alternatives for health work. But these words highlight why your GP asks to be informed; that in addition to his/her protocol you are e.g. doing self-hypnosis, having reiki sessions, taking a Vit B12 supplement or Body Code with me!

In so doing, you aren't handing over your power to empower yourself! You are simply staking a commitment to add to the prescription pills things that based on research or consultation with the relevant professional you hope will add to your quality of life.

So for example essential oils would if taken internally interfere quite likely with meds because they are composed of (natural) chemicals. That said, there's no reason why you wouldn't sniff or steam or diffuse your space safely. If you aren't sure how to do this, just ask the aromatherapist who uses oils all the time what your options are and to teach you. In the UK our medical system is the biggest helper, influencer and provider (free) of the help government offers you to help get better, survive or manage for as long as you need.

Respect to the doctors for knowing what they know after 7 years or more study. Still, If like me, you are inspired to embark on the self-health route do so with extreme care (open eyes and ears to learn) and do build upon successes only you can know feel right thanks to intuition.

Your health is like your car: it breaks down and the mechanic fixes it. In this world GPs are the mechanic. You don't ask what tools he is going to use and why. Just take the best and if your health/car still doesn't work, go back to him/her for a better solution. Alternatives for health are more like a roadmap; to personal development, change, self-empowerment. They are what will help you reduce medication when GP sees you doing so well and will facilitate weaning off.

You have rights and responsibilities to drive your car safely, and travel new road at no risk to the car. Enjoy!

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