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Hear me Blab!

I cant tell you how exciting it is to help mums enjoy pregnancy, appreciate labour, be brilliant at birthing their baby. Yes, the positive aspect of empowering women to birth, cooperate with their body, accept assistance in their chosen environment, make the best birth plan me the greatest buzz ever!

Word gets around about Way2GoBirthing and the unique service that spans self-hypnosis skills, new perspectives on the meaning of life, new life and your new life as a mother, and love/work balance.

Every conversation is so tailored specifically to the mum, dad and family that there's place for it beside before and after the local nct class, your hypnobirthing training, and other social settings where mums get to meet, and appreciate the woman support circle in their neighbourhood.

Conscious pregnancy seems to be the key theme of our work together; mums want to tailor their sessions to working on very specific values, beliefs, blocks and myths just as much as creating meaningful relationship with their body and baby from conception to birth and beyond.

There's a special place for dads - door is always open.

I love this work. I do it to open the pathway to beautiful surrender to this wonder of nature for birth workers too. For the mums of the future. For families everywhere.

Here is a link to a Blab! on 2nd March 2016 with Tara Killen, Ireland Listen in (you need a twitter account) or register to receive the replay.

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