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Be your own BEST friend in pregnancy!

Be amazed! When pregnancy throws curveballs at us in the shape of unusual persistent and sometimes downright painful symptoms ( or are they side effects of pregnancy) it seems so unfair! In addition to having to wait nine whole months to see who this beautiful being is, you gain pounds, and lose pounds too on the buggy, cot etc :)

If all else fails to banish discomforts, there is one generic, natural solution to call upon. Energy! Harness the swirling life force of the universe to promote the body's own natural ability to heal, recover, change, calm the mind. A resourceful response to pregnancy challenges reduces upset, soothes emotions, lets go old baggage. It clears the mind, promoting dis-entanglement from myths and fears, allowing rather for positive real pregnancy joy. Do you have unexplained symptoms? Are you in pain? Feeling stressed or anxious?

One birth energy support therapy i use is Body Code. A muscle test checks for contributors to imbalance in the flow of life force/chi/energy around the body. A number of simple rolls over your head (in acupuncture terms, the Governing Meridian) rebalances and supports you in conjunction with medical/physio and other helpful aids to wellbeing throughout pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Look at it this way: are you so overwhelmed that you'd try anything; non-invasive, safe, and won't interfere with medicaask.tion/exercise you are already doing? Find a Body Code Practitioner in your area at practitioners map. Express your concerns in confidence. Ask for a 20 minute tester session. PS, since this isn't an allopathic medical modality, you will be asked to list symptoms, describe your experience of them, as a means to focussing towards the root cause of energy imbalance. No diagnoses, prescriptions, treatments or cures! Energy medicine at its BEST!

Look for the BEST Birth Energy Support Therapies fb page, or join the BEST NI fb group for which you need an invite. Just ask.

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