Therapies are woven seamlessly to suit your needs

Life Energetics

Are you going through a life challenge now? Do you feel restricted by the pain of your past? Anxious about what the future holds? Sessions with me are, in the words of one satisfied company CEO "subtle and deep".

Get your life, your living, your loving, on track with grace and ease.

Combining a range of evidenced-based therapies, including EFT and Hypnosis underpinned by Systemic Consulting skills, I assist you through a transformation process. We design your sessions together to initiate positive change. In my experience, a few sessions can see a significant shift which is ideal for bringing your life into balance at times when you need. 


Body Code (incorporating Emotion Code)

This modern therapy can clear unresolved tensions from the past.  It's a simple, easy and fast method of releasing the imprints of your ancestral line whether this shows up in health, emotional or psychological symptoms. It is non-invasive and is not a talking therapy.

We can work to suit you: Skype + Zoom + over the phone.


Advanced Healing Modalities

When thinking of the future gives you palpitations, or your past is holding you back, relationships are floundering, and you feel ready to ease into becoming more Present, then Life Energetics could be the right approach for you. Think of your commitment to live life to the full as a therapeutic choice. Your usual medical treatment and health practices must continue as normal as this approach is a boost to your natural energies.


NOTE: No medical or alternative treatment or advice is given or implied. LE simply offers refreshing points of view and perspectives to enhance your response to life challenges. Always consult your GP/Physician.

Experience Energetics Now

To book your free 20-minute taster session, 

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Julie-Anne offers more than therapy. She offers healing.


Wave Dancer

“Julie Anne blew me away when she used Life Energetics over the phone in one session to diagnose the true reasons for my deep rut. 

Within days of her clearing what was holding me back, I watched amazed as life shifted and doors opened. I found a buyer for my house and my grumpy neighbour spontaneously offered to mend fences.

She listened with intuition, kindness and warmth, while creating a safe space for our honest communication. The icing on the cake….Julie-Anne has the ability to find the fun(ny) in life’s routine dramas, so expect laughter, as well as tears in a session.


Karen J

Julie-Anne is AMAZING!!

 A few sessions and mums broken wings are mended.


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