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Pregnancy pressures vary from coping with a changing body, anxiety about birth, responding to crises at work or in the family, or finding it hard to fit into the medical model of birth in our community.


One common stress trigger is birth trauma from a previous pregnancy. This may have been dealt with 'headwise', but more may need to be done to clear persistent stress symptoms.



Birthing Pregnancy Well-being consultant

Mothers of colicky babies often find their way to Julie-Anne. 


Birth Professionals

Julie-Anne helps you rest and relax, and offer treatment for secondary birth trauma.


Beyond Birth

You become a family the minute baby is born. It is a transition to be embraced. It is a time for each person to bring their strengths to the new needs of the moment. When you're both tired it's easy to forget the good things.

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 Mothers Baby Northern Ireland

“Two sessions with Julie-Anne at 36w and 38w helped prepare me mentally for the birth.

Ami, Bangor